Eco-Friendly could mean ‘Economically Friendly’

‘Eco-friendly’ doesn’t just mean ‘environmentally friendly’ , it also means ‘economically friendly’ !

Here are some great tips to save money while saving the environment !

1)   PLASTIC BAGS & ZIPLOCK PLASTIC SANDWHICH BAGS :- Invest in Fabric Grocery bags! Say no to Plastic or polybags ! Aside from being charged for every bag you use, there are very few companies and stores that carry recyclable plastic! The plastic that is thrown into the waste cannot be broken down and more often than not, gets tossed into the ocean where it remains in it’s original form and can be threatening to life under the sea.

Sandwich bags are also a huge offender in the ‘plastic’ category. Luckily, these bags are easily reusable. They can be washed and used over and over rather then being thrown out after one use!

2)   FOOD WASTE :- A large percent of household “garbage” is actually compostable; for e.g., Fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy waste and leftovers. By composting, you will divert thousands of tonnes of organic material from the landfill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. When food is mixed I with regular ‘trash’, it rots and produces harmful gasses. Composting is a much more eco-friendly way of disposing your food waste!

3)   ENERGY CONSERVATION :- Switch off your lights and unplug all your electrical devices! Phantom electricity (Leaving a switch on, or a device plugged in even when not in use) is both wasteful and is a huge offender on your electric bill! Energy saver light bulbs are also a much better option; they often come with longer life warrantees than regular bulbs and consume less energy!

4)   WALK OR CYCLE:- This one is pretty simple. Specially in the summer months, you have no excuse to use your car if your destination is close enough to walk or cycle to! Cycling/Walking is not only beneficial to you and your health, but also saves on gas/petrol bills and reduces harmful greenhouse emissions!

5)   USE A BRITA FILTER :- Simple and easy! Though many plastic bottles are now recyclable, they are still harmful for the environment! Not only will it save you tons of money to use a Brita vs. buying bottles upon bottles of water; it is also a great way to consume LESS energy! You don’t need to boil the water out of your tap or worry about the energy that goes into producing plastic bottles! You Brita will last you a long time if well maintained!


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