Day 26 – Marinated Tofu & Avacado on Greens

A great salad to serve with the Quinoa is an avacado and tofu Salad – I can guarantee that after this meal, no one on the table will have any meat cravings at all!

Here’s how to make it:


1 Slab of extra firm tofu

2 ripe avacados

Leafy greens (I prefer Spinach, parsley and Kale- but most people prefer to leave out the kale)

Walnuts (for garnish)

Light soya sauce

Apple Cider Vinegar


Chop extra firm tofu into cubes- place in a large plastic bowl. Pour in 1/3 Apple cider vinegar and 2/3 light soya sauce. (make sure all the cubes are covered). Let the tofu marinade for ATLEAST 2 hours.

Once the tofu is done, simple it to a bowl of fresh greens and throw on chopped avacado and walnuts!

( i didn’t have extra firm tofu or walnuts- so your salad will look a little different.

That’s all for today. Will post another recipe tomorrow! Hope everyone is enjoying No Meat November!! For updates and recipes follow me on twitter @NoMeatNovember , and don’t forget to donate to the amazing WSPA ( to support Animal Rights this month!!


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