Day 20 – NYC Vegan food hunt!

Reason 1098097 for Why I Love New York City :

You can easily find a great vegan/vegetarian restaurant that delivers in any burrough !

After the longest and most exhausting weekend, Sunday night was all about hanging out with my sisters and enjoying some warm soup. The only issue, by the time our errands for the day got done (i.e , socializing), we were all too tired to cook and it was pretty late in the evening.

Luckily- In NYC, this is not a problem!

My sister introduced me to ‘Zen Palate‘ (663 9th Ave – this is just ONE of the many locations); An All Vegan fusion/Pan-Asian restaurant.

For starters we ordered,

Taro Spring Rolls (shredded chinese cabbage, mushrooms, taro root and soy protein, fried until crisp)

Basil Peanut Moo-Shu Rolls (dried jicama, carrots, mushrooms and soy with basil, ginger and crushed peanuts rolled in rice paper)

And for soups – we ordered (Not realizing how HUGE the servings were going to be, we should’ve just gotten one and shared it)

Tong-Mein Noodle Soup With Deluxe Vegetables (soy chicken and mock duck,  garden vegetables, wheat noodles in vegetable broth)

Dumpling Soup With Vegetables (veggie dumplings, garden vegetables, chinese mustard greens and scallions)


Now, I have to add- the reviews online for the dine-in resto have not been great, but I found the meal to be absolutely delicious, filling and wholesome! My sister, who is not a vegetarian, LOVED every bite of the meal and said she didn’t feel the need to eat any meat!

I would highly recommend Zen Palate to anyone who wants a really good Pan-Asian/Chinese Vegan meal in NYC.


I’m REALLY looking forward to my return to Toronto, and the long anticipated all-Veg Thanksgiving cook-off (I am hosting some American friends who are visiting)!!! For anyone looking for Great tried & tested Thanksgiving recipes, STAY TUNED! @NoMeatNovember will provide 🙂

Till tomorrow ! I’m loving my Veg-Adventures in NYC and hope you’re enjoying healthy, delicious and environmentally friendly eating , where ever you are !! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @NoMeatNovember !


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