Day 18 & 19 in NYC!

If you’re a foodie , NYC is the place to be! 2 Nights, 2 GREAT vegan meals – and, as a bonus- 2 celebrity sightings 🙂

The first night, (17th November) My family and I went out to an amazing little gem of a spot – Miss Lilly (132 W Houston  st). This tiny, almost hidden restaurant has some of the most delicious Jamaican food I have ever tasted!!  Miss Lilly’s is vibrant & fun – If you’re looking for a night out with the girls or just an exciting place to be with your friends- Check it out! They have a DJ spinning lots of reggae and Island Hip hop from the 90’s, A disco ball hanging off the ceiling and fun retro decore. The best part, they have vegetarian AND vegan options on the menu; and also are extremely flexible and will whip something up on the spot if requested! If you’re in NY, please be sure to check out Miss Lilly’s and try the food! Be sure to start with the Jerk Corn (with toasted coconut) , Plantain Chips, and for your Entree, try the Vegan Bushman Plate ( jerk seitan, cous cous, stir fry vegetables, callaloo).

At the table infront of us , we spotted Jamaican-American Super star, Shaggy, who came over and wished my sister a Happy Birthday 🙂 He is apparently a regular at Miss Lilly’s and told us he loves the food there!

The second night, we hit the jackpot again! We went out a Place called ‘Tipsy Parson‘ (156 9th Avenue).

I ordered the Quinoa Salad ( Quinoa, arugula, roasted cauliflower, spiced pecans, piave, cumin-lemon yogurt dressing)

This is the simplest salad; but so filling and flavourful! The roasted cauliflower, arugula and quinoa made for the most perfect combination!For a second course, i had The Tuscan Kale Salad (dried cranberries, roasted mushrooms, almonds,
crispy shallots, sherry brown-butter vinaigrette)

Compliments to the chef! for vegetarians who don’t mind sea food; the shrimp and grits on the menu are also to die for!

Tipsy Parson is definitely going on my list of favourite NYC spots. great food, great service AND, at the end of the night we ran into the gorgeous Ethan Hawke who told us that he spends many nights at Tipsy Parson as he lives close by and he loves the food! We also got to meet his beautiful dog named Nina 🙂

Anyhow- those are my 2 NY resto’s, so far. I will post again tomorrow with more updates, meals and perhaps some recipes! I hope you’re having a great NoMeatNovember 🙂


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