Day 16- Crispy Kale Chips!

You know you’ve had a long/crazy day when you realize that you still haven’t had lunch at 8:00PM! Yup, that was my day today. I’m leaving for New York early in the morning and had a tonne of work to do before I head out- so today, I picked up a veggie burger from a random burger shop on yonge street on the way home from work as my lunch/dinner.

I did though, reach home and realize I was craving chips. Too exhausted to go down to the super market and buy some for my self- I decided to go through my fridge and see what I had lying around that I could turn into chips.

I found my two favourite things: Kale and Sweet potatoes!

Sweet potatoes take FOREVER to ‘chipify’ (I need to stop making up words)- so I decided to make Kale chips for now, and leave the sweet potato in the oven while I pack- and zip lock them for my journey !!

Kale and Sweet potato chips are really the easiest things in the world to make!

Kale chips :-


Handful of Kale leaves

Splash of Olive oil

Seasoning Salt


Pre heat oven to 375 degrees

Wash Leaves; remove the stem. Place baking sheet in a roasting tray- pile Kale leaves on top of the baking sheet – sprinkle with a tiny bit of olive oil and seasoning salt.

Stick them in the oven for about 15 minutes- and done! Crispy, delicious Kale chips!

–       For sweet potato chips, do the exact same thing – thinly slice, and oven bake with olive oil and seasoning salt. The only difference is, sweet potatoes will need to be left in the oven for at least 45 minutes and you will need to turn them over once!

I know this isn’t much of a ‘recipe’ ; but I will be back with much more in the coming days , so stay tuned!!

For now, I need some shut-eye before I head to my favourite city !! NYC here I come!! @NoMeatNovember signing out!


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