5 Ways to be a part of The No Meat November Challenge!

So, since I began tweeting/ blogging ; I have received a number of messages and emails from my vegetarian/Vegan friends asking me how they too can be a part of No Meat November.

here is a list of amazing things you can do to be a part of the challenge , ASIDE from giving up meat 🙂

1) Donate to a cause:

I mentioned before that all the funds I raise this year will be going towards an amazing oragnization that I believe in- the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA). Here is a link to their page, and a few ideas as to how you can be help – http://bit.ly/6WhOlH.

Alternatively, you can look for your own cause/group in your neighbourhood and raise money and awareness. Most animal shelters are run solely on donations and with the help of NGO’s. Form your own mini charity and get your friends and family to donate!

2) Conserve Energy:

No Meat November isn’t just about cutting meat out of your life; the challenge is about dedicating a whole month to make the changes needed to decrease our carbon footprint! Now, conserving energy is something we should be doing all year round – but for those who don’t; now is a great time to start. here are some tips:

– Turn off your lights when you leave the room

– Use the ‘Cold Wash’ option on your laundry machine (also, try and purchase the ‘cold wash’ detergents available at your grocery store)

– Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth

– Do not repeatedly open the oven door while baking

3) Use Environmentally friendly products:

Lots of vegans and vegetarians that I have met are passionate about the life style choice that they have made- but often do not realize that several of their daily-use products are endangering both animals and the environment.

The lovely Cynthia Amoah recently introduced me to a line of vegan skin care products called “Arbonne”.  I have used several ‘all natural’ products, but was really impressed by how environmentally conscious the Arbonne products are. They are also strictly against animal testing, which is a bonus! Here is their website : http://www.arbonne.ca/products/

Be sure to check the labels of everything you buy when going grocery shopping; in particular, look at cleaning supplies and toiletries as these get flushed into our pipelines. Try to purchase the most Animal friendly and environmentally friendly products (that includes packaging of products- choose only products packaged in recyclable bottles/bags)

4) Recycle !!

This one doesn’t need much explanation. If you don’t have a recycling facility in your building, then collect your recyclable goods and drop them off once a week at the closest facility- Or, just find one of the many recycling bins in your neighbourhood (this one is for those living in Toronto) and let the city take care of it for you!

5) Be Vocal

Now- I know that it can be tough to talk to people about Animal Rights & the Environment- You don’t want to impose your beliefs on anyone. the truth is, every single person is responsible for the welfare of the planet we live on. So, every now and then, bring it up in conversation – You’ll be surprised at just how much people are willing to make small changes in their lives. Just from talking to my friends and sending out a message, I got people to commit to giving up meat for this month; I was really thrilled to see how many people wanted to be a part of the challenge! You can do the same 🙂


Anyway – that’s all for now, I’ll be back later tonight with a recipe , so stay tuned!

No Meat November!


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