Day 5 – Nico & I go to Fresh (I got lazy & didn’t cook)

(This blog post is a joint effort between Mr Nico & I)

We were walkin’ down the street with a lot of ‘swagoo’ & our over sized hips wondering where to go when Fresh appeared out of no where along spadina-that was the exact moment I lost the will to cook! My hipster friend Nico locked his fixie to the railing & we sauntered into an overcrowded but delicious smelling brothel of vegetarian food porn! We were told we would need to wait in line for 20 minutes during which time I salivated over cupcakes and Nico salivated over a cute loner girl standing by herself with a bottle of well disguised hooch (i.e LCBO bag). When finally seated practically on the laps of the people next to us; we ordered corn bread which is served with home-made humus (pronounced “KHO-MAS not HAMAS”), And for our mains Nico ordered a Bar-b-que burger and I ordered an extra sloppy Yam & soy Burrito (Sam Houston Burrito).

Here are the pictures of our meals:

Nico and I ordered a side of the Hot Sauce- for those who like it hot, this sauce trumps all other sauces. Nico made sure to slather large amounts of sauce onto his burger resulting in a runny nose and perhaps a runny tummy tomorrow! Even so, it was worth it! If you’re in Toronto then be sure to check out Fresh’s amazing vegan/vegetarian menu! Another favourite of mine is their California Salad! I give Fresh a huge thumbs up!

As for the Yam burrito recipe that I promised to upload; It will have to wait. Today I allowed gluttony to prevail; but will be back to my own kitchen tomorrow!

We were so full by the end of the meal that our over-sized hips are surely another size over… that said, now they’re all the better for swagooing all over the dance floor this evening. Good night! No Meat November signing out !


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