Day 3 & the last-minute sandwich!

Day 3.

Have you ever had one of those days that just doesn’t go as planned, but somehow- turns out OK?

If so, you know how I felt today.

I had a whole meal planned out for this evening which included couscous and grilled tofu. Instead I got stuck at work late, broke the heel of my shoe, missed the bus and managed to forget to stop for groceries. When I finally got home, I was starving and too impatient to order. Luckily, I had a single, juicy Portobello mushroom and a perfectly ripe zucchini stored away that I had completely forgotten about.

Usually, with those 2 ingredients, I would make pasta- but I would prefer to make pasta sauce with fresh tomatoes which, sadly, I also didn’t have.  What I did have though, were some sesame buns I bought ate the bakery yesterday- and so, a sandwich it was!

I’ve got to say, though, the impromptu sandwich actually turned out to be the best comfort food I have had in a long time- and probably the best part of my day!

Here is what I came up with :

Zucchini and Mushroom Sandwich

1 Portobello Mushroom

1 small- medium sized zucchini

1 tea spoon ‘Grilled veggie spices’

Sprinkle of garlic salt

Tomato sauce

Crushed red peppers (optional . I like spicy food)

1 lightly toasted burger bun


Chop up Portobello mushroom and zucchini in thin long slices and pop into a low heat frying pan. Mix in veggie spices, garlic salt, tomato sauce (just a touch for flavour) & crushed red peppers(optional). Sweat the veggies till they soften slightly – but make sure they do not lose their crunch or their nutrition.

Scoop up the veggies and place them on the toasted bun. Instead of butter/cheese, I used red pepper humus (you can find it at any market).  The humus gave the sandwich a rich, sweet taste which worked well with the meaty mushroom. One bite, and I forgot about what a crappy day I had!

Now that is good, healthy fast food !!

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some time to grab groceries and will be back with more recipes!

I will also be uploading some information about Animal Rights & the Environment; so stay tuned! Remember, all my blog posts will be up on twitter (@NoMeatNovember) & if you want me to mention your recipe , blog or any information send me an email at .

I’d like to say a special thanks to Melanie Friesman for your kind words & also to some great friends, new & old, who are helping spread the message of No Meat November: Ryan Fray, Reema Sanatuja, Devin Duke! You guys are great 🙂

Till tomorrow ! No Meat November!


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